bottled beer

Bud Light 4
American-style light lager.

Bud Light Platinum 5
American-style light lager

Budweiser 4
American-style light lager

Black Crown 5



Chimay Red 8.5 
Authentic Trappist ale w/ apricot aroma, silky mouthfeel w/ a light bitterness.

Corona 5
Mexican Lager.

Heineken 5
Crisp European lager.

Angry Orchard Hard Cider 5
Fresh apple aroma, slightly sweet apple flavor.

Fat Tire Amber Ale 5
Toasty, biscuit-like, light-bodied amber ale.

Guinness 6

Dark, roasty, dry, bitter, light-bodied Irish-style stout.

Newcastle Brown Ale 5
Nutty, light-bodied English brown ale.

Schlafly Hefeweizen 5
Light American-style wheat ale w/ a snappy finish. 

Stella Atrois 5
European lager.

Woodchuck Cider 5
A crisp light cider.

O'Doul's Amber 4
Full-bodied, reddish, malty non-alcoholic beer.

Red Stripe 4

World famous crisp Jamaican lager.

fauxtinis & mocktails

Betty Ford Center 5
Chocolate, cream and fresh coffee.

Naropa Institute 5
Gosling's Ginger Beer, cranberry and sour mix.

Cirque Lodge 5
Meier’s Sparkling Apple Cider, cinnamon and Sprite.

Promises 5
Iced tea, lemonade and pomegranate juice.

The Priory 5
Tomato juice, hot sauce and a blend of spices.

(Non-Alcoholic Wine and Beer also available)

red wine

Garnacha de Fuego ‘09 6/20 
Spicy peppery raspberry goodness from Spain. Eminently gulpable.

Gouguenheim Malbec ‘09 8/26
Thick, rich jammy cherry and blackberry...a big boy.

Lafond Lirac Rouge ’09 10/38
Big, powerful, juicy CdR. Peppery, herby, spicy, and loads of kirsch and blackberry.

Cartlidge & Browne Cabernet ‘09 9/26
Delicious and full bodied with plums, currants, and vanilla shadings.

Vinum Pinot Noir ’09 7/26
Juicy, fruity Pinot Noir from the outstanding 09 vintage in California.


Cedarville Zinfandel ‘09 38
Berries and spice, pepper and hints of vanilla make this a zinful charmer.

Audoin Marsannay “Ragonneau” ‘08 50
A brilliant, artisanal Burgundy producer making gorgeous Pinot Noir in a great vintage.

Qupe Syrah Central Coast ‘09 38
Spicy cool climate syrah. Dark berries, white pepper, and zippy acids make this a bracing California red.

Chateau Smith Cabernet ‘08 38
Big and bold currant and black cherry with firm tannins to give it shape.

Mas de Boislauzon Chateauneuf du Pape ‘09 60
Top producer, amazing vintage, one of France’s greatest Reds.


white wine

Solitude Chardonnay ’09 60
Classic Chard from the Carneros region. Creamy texture and lovely oak spice. Big, Rich, and Bold.

Poet’s Leap Riesling ‘10 45
Intense, penetrating apple and pear flavors with light sweetness. From Long Shadows.

Ramey Chardonnay ‘09 75
One of the top half dozen makers of Chardonnay in California. Spectacular example from the Russian River.

Vino Pinot Grigio ‘10 7/26
Another great Charles Smith wine, slightly sweet w/ a crisp finish.

Paso a Paso Blanco ’09 7/26
Crisp citrusy fruit with a hint of the herbal.

Laporte “Le Bouquet” ‘10 9/30
From just outside the Sancerre Appellation. Chalky minerals over razor sharp grapefruit and melon.

“Eve” Chardonnay ‘09 9/30
Sinfully delicious with sweet apple fruit and a hint of cream.

Kiona Riesling ‘10 7/26
Gently sweet and oh so tasty. A delightful Washington Riesling

matt's margaritas

Castro 11
Dos Lunas Anejo Tequila, Cointreau, fresh muddled limes and a float of Grand Marnier.

Zapata 9
Dos Lunas Silver Tequila, DeKuyper Peach Schnapps, fresh muddled limes and peach nectar.


Che Guevara 9
Dos Lunas Silver, lime juice, papaya nectar and pineapple juice.

Skinny Villa 8
José Cuervo Tequila, agave nectar, unsweetened lime juice w/ a splash of Grand Marnier.

champagne cocktails

The Humming Bird 9
Champagne, St. Germain and Club Soda.

The Henne Bird 10
Champagne, St. Germain, Club Soda and Hennessy VS. 

The Peach Bird 10
Champagne, St. Germain and Club Soda and Ciroc Peach.

The Henne 9
Hennessy VS and Champagne sugar cube and bitters.

Choteau 9
Grand Marnier and Champagne.

Gravios 9
Pear Liqueur and Champagne.

Lafayette 9
Chambord and Champagne.

Laclede 9
Violet Liqueur and Champagne.

metropolitan martinis

Merchandise Mart 9
Belvedere Vodka or Bombay Saphire Gin w/ Dolin Vermouth and three stuffed olives. (served up and wet)

Art Loft 9
Vox Green Apple Vodka and Berentzen German Apple Schnapps.

The Paristyle 9
360 Raspberry Organic Vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice.

The University 9
360 Orange Organic Vodka, Cointreau, fresh limes and cranberry juice.


The Ventana 9
360 Chocolate Organic Vodka and DeKuyper White Crème de Coco.

The Denim 9
Three Olives Pomegranate Vodka and pomegranate juice.

The Vanguard 9
Three Olives Espresso Vodka, fresh coffee and Kaluha.

Terra Cotta 9
Belvedere Citrus Vodka, fresh muddled lemons and sugar.

The Adler 9
Belvedere Vodka and fresh muddled limes.

lofty libations

Ely Walker 8
Maker’s Mark Bourbon and Dolin Vermouth. (sweet, dry, or perfect)

The Meridian 8
Bulleit Bourbon, Thatcher’s Blood Orange Liqueur, splash of orange juice and muddled oranges.

Fashion Square 8
Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey and Chambord.

Cupples Station 9
Courvoisier VS Cognac, Rothman and Winter Pear liqueur and a splash of sour.

The Alexander 8
Courvoiser VS Cognac, DeKuyper Crème de Coco and cream.

Peach Building 8
Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, DeKuyper Peach Schnapps and iced tea.

The Knickerbocker Lofts 8
Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka, Chambord and Iced Tea.

Moon Brothers 8
Don Q Coconut Rum, pineapple juice and coconut milk.

Baudelaire 9
NV Absinthe, Dolin Sweet Vermouth and Amaretto.


The Printer’s 8.5
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, Goslings Ginger Beer and a dash of bitters.

The Sporting News 8
Kraken Spiced Rum, cola and fresh lime.

The Dorsa 8.5
Don Q Silver Rum, Don Q Mojito Rum, mint infused simple syrup and fresh limes.

The Avenida 8.5
LeBlon Cachaca, fresh lime, cane sugar and Goslings Ginger Beer.

The Syndicate 8.5
Don Q Mojito Rum, ginger liqueur, fresh mint and muddled limes.

The Loo 8
Maker’s Mark Bourbon, cane sugar w/ fresh muddled orange and cherry.

The Bankers 8
Bulleit Bourbon w/ mint infused simple syrup.

Moto Mary 7
Lola’s house Mary Mix and tomato or habenaro infused 360 Vodka.

Wilde 9
NV Absinthe, simple syrup, Jim Beam Rye and Bitters.

Hemingway 9
NV Absinthe, champagne and Crème de Violet Liqueur.


Hennessy VS 7

Hennessy VSOP 9

Hennessy Black 9

Hennessy XO 35

Giraud XO 25

Giraud VSOP 9

Camus VS 7

Camus VSOP 9

Camus - Borderies XO 40

Camus VS 7 Camus VSOP 9

Camus - Borderies XO 40

Domaine du Tariquet Armagnac 8yr Folle Blanche 13

Domaine du Tariquet Armagnac 12yr Folle Blanche 16

Domaine du Tariquet Armagnac 8yr Folle Blanche 13