January 19 - Oreo Jones

1/19: Oreo Jones 10pm

Oreo Jones is milk’s favorite MC. The Indianapolis based indie hip-hop artist is as unique as his Cosby sweater – a bearded brother who summons multiple musical personalities for every new project. At the heart of it though, Oreo Jones is just a true emcee mixing everything he's got – literally beats, rhymes and life – into a bracing hip-hop stew. In the spring of 2010, Jones took the Indianapolis music scene by storm with the release of his Delicious EP. Anchored by the success of the single “Good Times”, the album reached #4 on the Hypem.com Twitter chart. Following that album was the collaborative project to benefit VH1’s Save The Music, Oreo Jones & Friends, which earned hefty fan and critical acclaim. Oreo Jones is a move maker who puts on an energetic and heartfelt live performance that should not be missed.